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Financial and Environmental Savings from Double-Glazed Windows

Guess where most of your energy bill expenses come from? Yes, it's from the cooling and heating equipment in your house. So the logical step to undertake if you are looking to contain your energy expenses is to reduce the cooling and heating expenses. Let's find out how you can do this.

How double-glazed windows help you save money 

Statistics says that nearly 12 percent of the total energy used in New Zealand is from running appliances and heating water in your home. In fact, New Zealanders shell out $1 billion annually for the same. What's more is, not all of this energy is generated from renewable sources.

Oil, gas and fuels are used along with renewable sources to generate power, and with their use also comes the resultant greenhouse gases. Clearly, the energy usage affects both the environment and the consumer negatively. Interestingly, both these issues can be tackled with the same solution. Let’s see how it’s done.

Keeping your home well-insulated means that your cooling and heating systems will have to work less hard, which in turn means that they will consume lesser power, which in turn tips the energy bills in your favour. The traditional 3mm glass window does not help insulate your home adequately, and you need a more robust and innovative choice for the same. This is where double-glazed windows come into the picture.

Double-glazed windows serve as thermal insulation layers that restrict the flow of heat inwards and outwards. Since there are two layers of glass in these windows, they trap a greater amount of heat, thereby cutting down heat loss. The inert gas present between the glass layers ensures that the ambient warm temperature in your home is not disturbed by the cold temperature outside.

So if you looked at it, double-glazed windows basically make sure that the effects of your heating system are retained longer, and you can enjoy warmer surroundings without overworking your heating system, or overspending on energy expenses. You can also retro-fit double glazing to your existing windows which helps keep the costs of double glazing installation down.

What's more is that you will not have to worry about draught-proofing your windows when you have double-glazed windows. These windows are inherently draught-proof, meaning you will not be spending additional money on draught proofing when the cool winter wind makes its visit. They are also easy to maintain and durable; the double-layered glass offers a strong impact resistance, and will not break or warp easily. This way, you can get more years out of your glass windows, and save on expensive repairs and new installations when you get double-glazed windows for your home. 

Taking an environment-friendly approach

There is one other benefit of double glazed windows and an important one at that. Double-glazed windows are also an environment-friendly alternative to traditional window fittings. Traditional room heating devices and thermostats are operated for a fewer hours when homes have well-insulated windows, and that translates to lesser power consumption and carbon emission.

To put that into perspective, a house with three bedrooms that has A-rated windows can lower the carbon dioxide gas emissions by 700 kg in a year, and that's just one house! Think of the massive difference you could make to your surroundings if more homes used double-glazed windows.

At High Performance Windows, we utilize aluminum joinery which is a far more environment-friendly choice (as it leaves a smaller carbon footprint) than other materials that are usually employed in Wellington aluminum windows and doors, making our double-glazed windows as eco-friendly as it can get! If you want double glazed windows in your Wellington home just visit our website at www.hpw.co.nz for a free quote!

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